Jimmy Kimmel Vows To Mine Donald Trump Presidency For Laughs

Jimmy Kimmel tonight revealed how happy he is to have a Donald Trump presidency to mine for comedy after eight years of the Obamas: Finally, a completely honest late-night comic.
"For the last eight years I have been forced to make jokes about the First Lady’s vegetable garden. "Let me tell you something, I have not had it easy" Kimmel said on his Inauguration Day edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live. You are damn right I am!" You think I’m not going to grab this pumpkin by the guts and shake it until the seeds pop out?
"You know the old saying, ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’? Well, guess what? Life just gave us an orange as president."” />

Sharon Gless Settles An Old Score At Broadway’s ‘Concert For America’ Alt-Inaugural Ball

Would you come to my party? I'm having a party and the cast has been miserable without you. I did not invite Wayne Rogers. I called Lynn Redgrave and said, 'This is Sharon Gless, don't hang up. The show tanked and Gless went onto TV stardom in C&L, but not before she orchestrated a rapprochement with the woman she'd replaced."I threw a party for the cast," she recalled, "to say good-bye and how much I loved being on the show and how kind they were to me even when they missed her.
She says, 'I'll come late. Let's have a fight.'" When Redgrave arrived that evening, Gless went out to meet her at her car, at which point they began hurling F-bombs at one another as the partygoers watched in horror. "She said, 'I heard you were having a party and you didn't invite me.' I said, 'Why would I invite you — you can't act for sh!t.'" Many more F-bombs were launched before the joke was over and Daly joined the crowd inside. "And she said, 'I would love to. "She's classier than I am," Gless went on.
The concert was timed to coincide with the inauguration of Donald J. Trump and has a strong anti-Trump theme, and it was the first of a monthly series to raise funds for groups under threat by the incoming Administration: The NAACP, Planned Parenthood, the Trevor Project, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Immigration Law Center and the Sierra Club Foundation. The audience cheered heartily, but had been primed by a show jammed with spectacular, emotional performances many of the Streets's greatest talents, all of whom were working gratis.
The concert will be streamed again Sunday evening at 9 P.M. ET at concert4america2017.org.” />
A visit from actress Sharon Gless added a timely Hollywood spin to the occasion. The Broadway stars came out to shine Friday afternoon at "Concert For America: Stand Up, Sing Out!" at Town Hall, the storied venue for protest and politicking. Admitting she had no Broadway cred (Tyne Daly, her erstwhile Cagney & Lacy co-star and Broadway veteran, was en route to the next day's march in Washington) Gless paid tribute to the late Lynn Redgrave, regaling the sold-out house of 1,500 with the story behind Redgrave's firing from House Calls, the CBS sitcom that ran from 1979 through 1981.
And Ben Vereen brought the crowd to its feet with a wrenching performance of Bob Thiele and George David Weiss' "What A Wonderful World." For the finale, the entire company surrounded Vereen to raise the roof with James Rado, Gerome Ragni and Galt MacDermot's "Let The Sunshine In" from Hair. Lillias White tore through Jule Styne and Bob Merrill's "Don't Rain On My Parade" from Funny Girl. "America" from West Side Story.
Chita Rivera, resplendent and indomitable, sang leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim's
Redgrave, it was suggested in coverage at the time, "was difficult to work with," said Seth Rudetsky, the musical theater triple threat and radio host who co-hosted the fund-raising concert with his husband James Wesley. The last of the contract players at Universal, Gless was abruptly brought in to replace Redgrave opposite star Wayne Rogers in the show's final season. The truth as she recalled it had a decidedly contemporary ring.
But for sheer emotional impact and a kind of closure on a day that was notably hard in a corner   of the country that felt isolated from the events in front of the Capitol, performances by three legends made at least temporary   cockeyed optimists of all:
Redgrave's crimes, Gless said, were that "she wanted to make as much money as Wayne Rogers — by the way, she was billed over the title with Wayne Rogers — and she had just given birth and she wanted to nurse the child on the set." (Redgrave, according to her husband John Clark's account, wanted to nurse her newborn at the studio, though not on set, as Universal claimed at the time.) "And she was fired," Gless said. When she got the call to meet with Rogers, she continued, "I'd heard Wayne Rogers, God rest his soul, was difficult, and that he did not approve of drinking or smoking." He wanted to meet, "so I picked a bar."
The roster of performers included Jessie Mueller, who sang the title Carole King song from Beautiful; Betty Buckley, who sang a powerful cover of Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up"; Kelli O'Hara countering the mood with "Cockeyed Optimist" from South Pacific, and Brian Stokes Mitchell with a deeply felt rendition of "America The Beautiful" and Billy Porter singing a completely unexpected, unique take on "Edelweiss" from The Sound Of Music.
My ass didn't choose to be poor"), and there were several equally moving speeches from the supported groups   and stand-up from comedians Judy Gold and Caroline Rhea. Rosie Perez drew laughs and nods with her call to arms over the coming threat to America's poor ("We have a secretary of housing who says poverty is a choice.

South Korean Cultural Minister Arrested Over Artists Blacklist

Cho has publicly denied the charges. Cho is the first sitting minister in the country's history to be arrested.
The arrest follows an attempt to issue a warrant earlier in the week for the arrest of Jay Y. Lee, heir to the Samsung company.
South Korea's ongoing political crisis continues as Cho Yoon-sun, the country's cultural minister, was arrested by prosecutors due to suspected abuse of power. Among the other accusations brought against the minister, Cho is accused of drawing up a blacklist against artists and entertainers who criticized Park Geun-hye, the suspended current president facing impeachment over charges of corruption.
Via Reuters.” />

Joy Reid To Trevor Noah: Media Must Study Vladimir Putin’s Authoritarian Regime To Cover President Trump

Donald Trump has cast himself as the only person who can rescue us "from this hellscape created by you and me," MSNBC's Joy Reid told The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, describing Trump's inaugural address hours earlier.
And he's threatening the press; he says he's going to remove the press from the White House." "He has caused stocks to drop of companies that he's threatening on his Twitter feed. Other times, Trump has effected change "in a negative way" via Twitter, she noted.
"Journalists are accustomed to, when the president says something…you just report it. "Because it might be true – and more times than not it isn't true, it's a flat-out lie that he's making up." But now, something Donald Trump tweets is not a headline you can just translate right into your magazine, or your newspaper or on television," she continued.
Trump's post-truth world, she said, has to change the way the press does its job, Reid said.
"We have to look at the way Vladimir Putin operates. We can't just report what he says and live on his Twitter feed." The media has "to study authoritarian regimes, unfortunately," Reid argued. And we have to to think about how do we, a free press, operate with an increasingly authoritarian regime and change everything we're doing.
 ” />

Bill Maher Calls Trump Inaugural Address “Joyless And Ugly And Dividing”

Bill Maher celebrated his birthday – and the 15th season premiere of HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher – with an opening salvo against his old nemesis and new president: "What does every kid want for his birthday?," the comedian asked in his first monologue since the Oval Office changeover. "A clown."
It was joyless and ugly and dividing." Castigating pundits who held out hope that Trump would offer   a kinder, gentler   Inauguration Day persona, Maher said of today's Inaugural speech, "It wasn't classy or unifying. Maher, who earlier this week in a candid and chemically-enhanced interview with The New York Times expressed fears that Donald Trump would target him in   some sort of presidential retribution, showed no jitters tonight.
Whenever a celebrity speaks out, like Meryl did at the Golden Globes, and gets a reaction from him like she did, you know she hit the right spot." Fonda also voiced her support for Meryl Streep, whose Golden Globes speech criticized Trump for mocking a disabled reporter. "The Predator in Chief and his fake news," Fonda said, "their tactic is to divide and conquer.
The   roundtable guests were   economic equality advocate Heather McGhee, presidential historian Jon Meacham and former Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez. Real Time plays on tape-delay on HBO   at 10 pm PT. Tonight's episode   was   live-streamed on YouTube during HBO's   10 pm ET airing.
Watch it here:” /> Earlier today, HBO previewed the show's new set with a YouTube video.
Later in the show, guest Keith Olbermann said Trump was not "a legitimate president" and   suggested opponents borrow Tea Party tactics: "We have to make this as unpleasant personally for him as possible," he said, advising the anti-Trump public to answer each and every Trump tweet. "Just keep mentioning it every day."
Fittingly, Maher's first guest of the new season was Jane Fonda, the activist and actress who'll be a keynote speaker at   tomorrow Women's March in Los Angeles. Fonda was as unrestrained as Maher, repeatedly calling Trump "the Predator in Chief."
"At what point," Maher asked, "are people going to realize there is no normal president inside the Trump fat suit?"

CBS Orders Dan Kopelman Man’s Life Comedy Pilot From Kapital Entertainment

The show will focus on three distinct periods in his life: as a 14-year-old in 1991, a 40-year-old in present day and a 65-year-old in 2042. Written by Kopelman, Me, Myself & I examines one man’s life over a 50-year span. Kopelman executive produces with Kaplan and Dana Honor who also exec produces with him 9J, 9K and 9L, starring Feuerstein.
Last year, the   single-camera comedy   What Goes Around Comes Around,   also from WBTV, also went to pilot.” /> This is the fourth consecutive broadcast collaboration for Kopelman and Kaplan and the third in a row at CBS.
TV, where Kopelman is under an overall deal, is the studio. Warner Bros. Me, Myself and I's pickup is not a surprise as the project carries a hefty pilot production commitment after CBS landed the pitch in August in a very competitive situation.
It joins Dana Klein and Mark Feuerstein's multi-camera 9J, 9K and   9L, from CBS TV Studios. Both comedies come from Aaron Kaplan's Kapital Entertainment, which also is behind CBS/20th TV's sophomore single-camera comedy Life in Pieces. TV. CBS has ordered its second comedy pilot this season, Dan Kopelman's single-camera Me, Myself and I, from Warner Bros.

‘Raised By Wolves’ Comedy From Diablo Cody & Berlanti TV Gets ABC Pilot Order

With its strong mother at the center and blue-collar setting, Raised by Wolves draws parallels to Roseanne, making ABC a logical home for the adaptation. It also taps into ABC's push to add more series that reflect the lives of everyday Americans. In addition to Raised by Wolves, the network also ordered a pilot for a Kentucky sheriff drama from Marc Cherry starring Reba McEntire.
This marks the second half-hour comedy pilot for Greg Berlanti’s Berlanti Prods., which has six drama series on the air, following a project co-written by him and Greg Mailins, which was piloted by CBS five years ago.
It was Berlanti Prods. president Sarah Schechter who fell in love with the Channel 4 series Raised   by Wolves, which was created and written by popular British columnist and author Caitlin Moran and her sister Caroline based on their childhood experience.
ABC has given a pilot order to Raised by Wolves, a single-camera comedy from Juno writer Diablo Cody and Berlanti Productions.
This is the second pilot order for Berlanti Prods. this season, joining drama Deception, also at ABC.
It centers on Sheila Gable, one tough mother struggling to support her five opinionated, eccentric kids on a shoestring budget in a Midwestern town. Written by Cody, Raised by Wolves is an adaptation of the 2015 UK comedy series.
and Big Talk Prods. Cody, Berlanti, Schechter and the   Morans executive produce Raised by Wolves, which had a script commitment plus penalty, alongside Big Talk’s Kenton Allen   and   Matthew Justice as well as   Caroline Leddy, who exec produced the original series alongside Allen, for Warner Bros TV, Berlanti Prods.
In TV, Cody created the Showtime comedy series United States of Tara and co-created with Tig Noraro the comedian’s Amazon series One Mississippi, which has been renewed for a second season.
Caitlin Moran was involved in the process, giving notes. After securing U.S. rights from UK producer Big Talk in a competitive situation, Berlanti Prods. Not only did Cody come on board, she offered to write the adaptation. As she began chasing rights to the series, Schechter reached out to Cody about joining the project as a producer as Schechter felt that Caitlin Moran shared a similar sensibility with the Oscar winner and the show featured   the type of central characters Cody knows and does very well: smart teenagers and a strong mother. went on to develop the project internally, with Cody writing a pilot script, tapping into her Midwest upbringing to transplant the comedy from the British Midlands to middle America.
On the drama side, the network has greenlighted four pilots in addition to the straight-to-series Marvel drama The Inhumans.” /> Vance. This is ABC's second comedy pilot order this season, joining Libby and Malcolm, which stars Felicity Huffman and Courtney B.

Netflix Wins Round 1 Over Fox In Executive-Poaching Lawsuit

Netflix has prevailed in the first round of its ongoing legal battle against 20th Century Fox over the "poaching" of two Fox executives and the validity of Fox’s fixed-term contracts that prevent its employees from quitting their jobs and going to work for competitors.
In a procedural ruling Friday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg issued a minute order (read it here) upholding a tentative ruling he’d issued earlier this week that denied Fox’s motion to dismiss Netflix’s suit, while also ruling Netflix has standing to bring the suit.
Netflix counter-sued, claiming Fox’s fixed-term contracts violate state law. Last September, Fox sued Netflix for “poaching” two of its executives — Marcos Waltenberg and Tara Flynn – who’d left to join Netflix while still under contract to Fox.
And it has no bearing on Fox's lawsuit against Netflix for defiantly flouting the law by soliciting and inducing Fox’s employees to break their written employment agreements.” It is not a ruling on the merits of the cross-complaint, which Fox is confident will be dismissed in due course. In a statement, Fox downplayed the importance of the ruling as the case moves forward. “The court’s decision today merely allowed Netflix's cross-complaint to move past the pleading stage.
Attorneys for Netflix could not be reached for comment.” />

Did Twitter Force Obama Supporters To Follow New Trump @POTUS Account?

But that's not all. Meanwhile, Melania Trump, who inherited Michelle Obama's @FLOTUS handle, now has 6.68 million followers, virtually identical to the @FLOTUS44 account's follower total. Now, he sits at 2.55 million followers, just below Joe Biden's @VP44 account's 2.6 million followers. Mike Pence, who took over the @VP Twitter handle, spent most of Friday with a very low follower count – as of 2 PM around 70,000 give or take.
Twitter has yet to issue a statement explaining the situation. We'll update when they do.” />

Including the writer of this post. Donald Trump used a photo from President Obama's first – and far better-attended – inauguration for the header image on his newly-established official Presidential Twitter account today. (The image was quietly removed once it was pointed out, and mocked ruthlessly). An uncertain – but counting at least in the hundreds of thousands – number of Twitter users found themselves following the @POTUS account early Friday evening despite having taken no action to do so. But it wasn't the only thing Trump apparently took from Obama without attribution.
Many offered their own theories as to what happened, some serious, some joking. The fact that all three accounts suddenly increased their followers to totals similar to their predecessors is, shall we say, a bit on the nose, especially considering how thin-skinned the new President is about his public profile. It didn't go unnoticed on Twitter either.
The catch: Trump wasn't supposed to get Obama's 13.7 million followers in the exchange. When that change happened, the handle @POTUS was reserved specifically for Trump and associated with an email provided by his social media team. As was widely announced this week, the name of the official U.S. President's Twitter account, @POTUS, was handed from Barack Obama to Donald Trump today after Trump was sworn in as President. Technically, Trump's @POTUS Twitter account is new; the original account, established by Barack Obama after he took office in 2009, was changed to an archive account with the handle @POTUS44. (Here's a short breakdown of how it works)
So it was then that in the first few hours after Trump's @POTUS account went live, his follower count began at zero. After all, it was a newly-activated profile. Then a curious thing happened. Sometime between 4 PM and 6 PM, Trump's follower numbers increased dramatically, currently sitting at 14.5 million, which means Trump has beaten Obama's total. But that count quickly rose to about 3.7-4 million followers. That's not a tiny amount, but it's nothing compared to the number collected by his outgoing predecessor.

Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Inaugural Address Positively Lincolnish

"Like Lincoln huffing paint thinner, this stirring orator invoked an inspiring picture of the country he now leads," Late Show host Stephen Colbert said hours after President Donald Trump delivered his Inaugural Address. Among Trump's zippier turns of phrase:
 ” />
American carnage…
Rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape…
And the crime, and the gangs, and the drugs…
Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities…

Our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge…
America’s infrastructure has fall into disrepair and decay…
"He knows he won, right? And Colbert noted of the day's festivities, as Trump explained how bad things are, outgoing POTUS and Veep Obama and Joe Biden "had to sit there as helpless as damp Russian mattresses." Putin must have told him," Colbert said.

Nils Larsen Joins Management 360

The Homo Sapiens Agenda), Courtney Eaton (Mad Max, Gods of Egypt), Ross Lynch (Disney’s Austin & Ally, Teen Beach Movie), Storm Reid (A Wrinkle in Time), Jessica Rothe (Valley Girl, La La Land), and Liam James (The Way, Way Back, The Family), all of whom are expected to join him in the move. Larsen spent the past six years at Principato-Young Entertainment, after the company acquired his management company Elements Entertainment. Management 360 has brought in Nils Larsen to be a manager in its talent department. His strong suit is finding upcoming talent, and his client list includes Shailene Woodley, (Divergent, Fault In Our Stars), Nick Robinson (Jurassic World, Simon Vs. “We are thrilled to welcome Nils to 360 and are confident that his keen eye for talent and excellent reputation in the community will be a great asset to our team," said the partnership in a statement.” />

‘Queen Of The South’: Yancey Arias Set To Recur In Season 2

Arias will play Colonel Cortez, a reluctant Epifanio Vargas’s (Joaquim de Almeida) new business partner. A man of war in the Mexican Special Forces, Cortez spent the last two decades battling the cartels, proving himself to be every bit as cunning, ruthless and bloodthirsty as the sicarios he hunted.
Yancey Arias (Bosch) has booked a recurring role on the second season of USA Network's drama series Queen of the South.
In the process, she teams with an unlikely figure from her past to bring down the leader of the very drug trafficking ring that has her on the run. Based on best-selling book La Reina Del Sur by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Queen of the South tells the powerful story of Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga), a woman who is forced to run and seek refuge in America after her drug-dealing boyfriend is unexpectedly murdered in Mexico.
Queen of the South is co-produced by Fox 21 Television Studios and Universal Cable Productions.
 ” />
Arias is repped by Global Artists, Luber Roklin and Espada PR. He recently created a new production company, NYC Films, with partners Nestor Miranda and Charlton Lui. Arias, best known for his role as Mayor Ramos in Bosch, will begin shooting feature film Canal Street in March, serving as executive producer and lead actor.

Nicollette Sheridan’s ‘Desperate Housewives’ Case Gets Tossed – Again

It is unlikely that Cherry would have been called as a witness if the new trial had gone forward. However, a witness list did have Sheridan’s DH co-stars Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross are on it —   though that didn’t ensure they actually would be taking the stand.
“The Court finds that the Defendant has presented substantial undisputed evidence of the creative decision to kill off Sheridan's character, developed over several seasons of the show,” said a January 12 ruling by Judge Holly Kendig. That ruling granting a motion for summary judgment by Touchstone TV in the actor’s claim of retaliation against the ABC unit.
The actor insisted that her complaining about the incident to network execs was what resulted in her being tossed from the once ratings dominating show, which ended its run in May 2012. He was backed up by former ABC executives like current CW boss Mark Pedowitz and then-programming chief Steven McPherson. Later released as a defendant from that case, Cherry testified that discussions of getting rid of Sheridan’s Eddie Britt character preceded the incident and her termination had zero to do with it. In the 2012 trial, which was filed two years beforehand, Sheridan claimed that   DH   creator and EP Marc Cherry had intentionally struck her on set in 2008 while the two were disagreeing, to put it mildly, over a scene.
Adam Levin of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP since almost Day 1 continues to represent ABC and Touchstone in the matter.” />
“We look forward to winning in front of the court of appeal, again,” Mark Baute told Deadline. Not that this latest loss is going to stop Sheridan, says her main lawyer.
“Thus, …Touchstone's legitimate reasons for killing off Sheridan's character would have resulted in the same decision,"the LA Superior Court judge added in the just released ruling (read it here). "Sheridan has not presented a triable issue of fact showing that retaliatory animus was a ‘substantial motivating factor’ of the employment decision.”
This was based on a 2013 amendment to the California Labor Code that altered the process so that “there is no requirement that an individual exhaust administrative remedies or procedures” — which had previously proved a hurdle to high for Sheridan. The unanimous opinion penned by Justice Thomas Willhite jilted   the October 2013 ruling   by Judge Michael Stern denying Sheridan another trial. Most recently, the actor’s efforts looked to see a new trial get a June 5, 2017 start date after the 2nd District Court of Appeal revived the matter in October 2015.
As is evident from the Baute Crochetiere & Gilford LLP attorney’s remarks, and as anyone who has been watching the past few years recalls, Sheridan’s legal pursuit has seen a series of victories and losses in a variety of jurisdictions.
Nearly five years after her first Desperate Housewives trial collapsed due to a hung jury, Nicollette Sheridan has suffered another loss as a judge tossed out her latest case.

Kourtney Kang Coming-Of-Age Comedy Gets NBC Pilot Order, Casts Young Lead

She is repped by CESD. Russo recently finished her run in School Of Rock and is rehearsing for the world premiere of James Lecesne’s Mother Of Invention which is playing off-Broadway with the Abingdon Theatre Company from February 9-26.
At NBC, 20th TV produces breakout new drama This Is Us, which was just renewed for two seasons.” />
Russo, who originated the role of Summer in School Of Rock on Broadway, will play that half-Asian girl, Katie, growing up in the suburbs of Philly in 1988. Because the role is so specific, talent search began ahead of the formal pilot green light, which I hear was contingent on finding a girl to play Katie. Launching a preliminary casting process also made sense since this was one of the hottest NBC comedy scripts this season, and the Kang project already had a put pilot commitment.
On the drama side, the network had picked up military hero drama For God And Country and suburban drama Good Girls. This is the first formal comedy pilot greenlight this season at NBC, which just gave a 10-episode order to a new season of Will & Grace.
The comedy, from 20th where FOTB showrunner Khan, Kang and Savage are under overall deals, marked the first sale through Khan’s Fierce Baby production banner which was launched as a full-fledged pod last summer with the hire of Mandy Summers as head of development. Kang, Khan, Savage and Summers executive produce, with Savage set to direct the pilot.
NBC has given a pilot green light to a single-camera comedy from Fresh Off The Boat co-executive producer Kourtney Kang and creator/executive producer Nahnatchka Khan, actor-director Fred Savage, and 20th TV. I've learned exclusively that Isabella Russo has been cast as the young lead in the show written by Kang based on her   life, which explores what it’s like to grow up as the only girl in the only mixed-race family in the suburbs of Philadelphia, dealing with real-world issues like race and gender while never losing focus of her life goal… to become a Laker Girl like her idol Paula Abdul.

Common Joins Sundance Pic ‘Burning Sands’ As EP, Will Contribute Original Song

Burning Sands takes offers a voyeuristic journey of fraternity hazing through the eyes of one pledgee torn between honoring a code of silence or standing up against the intensifying violence of underground hazing.
Academy Award-winning musician and actor Lonnie Rashid Lynn, better known as the rapper Common, has signed on as an executive producer for Netflix's Sundance film Burning Sands through his Freedom Road Productions. "The Cross" was written by Common with Karriem Riggins, Robert Glasper and Samora Pinderhuges and is produced by Riggins and Glasper. Common will perform an original song for the closing credits, "The Cross", which will feature singer-songwriter Lianne La Havas.
Directed by Gerard McMurray and written by Christine Berg & McMurray, Burning Sands stars Trevor Jackson, Alfre Woodard, Steve Harris, Tosin Cole, DeRon Horton, and Trevante Rhodes. It's produced by Stephanie Allain, Jason Michael Berman, Reginald Hudlin and Mel Jones, and executive produced by Caroline Connor, Gerard McMurray, Common, Derek Dudley and Shelby Stone.
A Mandalay Pictures, Homegrown Pictures, Hudlin Entertainment Production in association with Freedom Road Productions for Netflix, Burning Sands has its world premiere January 24 at the Sundance Film Festival.” />
“I'm grateful that Freedom Road is a producing partner on this and it was an honor and a joy to create a song for a movie that I'm inspired by,” said Common.

Pete Hammond’s Notes On The Season: The Lull Before The Oscar Storm; Katzenberg Gets Nostalgic; Gosling Wows SAG Again & Again

It was a very elaborate book with the DreamWorks logo on the cover, and a hand signed thank you card. The only other win for the company came in 2005 for Aardman's   Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, a movie DWA distributed. The book, when taken out of the case, is actually a collection of every single one of their movies on Blu-ray. Unfortunately it was a short-lived dominance. Each disc has its own artwork on it as well. Although   Trolls   represents the last full Jeffrey Katzenberg push for an Animated Feature Oscar nomination, and it is a longshot for that category but a real possibility for Timberlake's chart topping song "Can't Stop The Feeling,” he was apparently feeling very nostalgic about everything DreamWorks Animation accomplished during his tenure which just ended in 2016, so he stopped by the DreamWorks campus yesterday to deliver a real collectors item to every employee. The emergence of the Academy's Best Animated Feature category came in 2001 and the very first winner was indeed DreamWorks Animation's Shrek. Behind each piece of film artwork is the DVD that pulls out of a sleeve, and it goes from everything from   Antz   to the aforementioned   Trolls.
I have been saying for the past couple of weeks, actually ever since   La La Land's record-setting sweep at the Globes, that the big question for this Oscar nomination morning will be if La La Land   can tie the all-time noms record of 14 held by 1950's   All About Eve and 1997's Titanic. All I can say is, based on my conversations this week, every Oscar voter to whom I spoke   had   voted (there were about 200 of them just at the Netflix   13th   event Sunday night at Ted Sarandos' house). That is what makes this all so much fun. If true, how that affects the final list is anyone's guess. "Hey, predict the two biggest shocks for me," one voter asked earlier today regarding the upcoming nominations. There usually are. If the past is any indication, there might be some surprises in store on Tuesday. My answer is that if I could predict the "shocks,” they wouldn't be   shocks.
With this new change, some pundits have suggested that perhaps the Academy should try doing a full-blown primetime TV show to announce nominations. Since hte Academy changed the rules to allow anywhere from five to 10, we have had either eight or nine. The other nagging question is just how many Best Picture nominees there will be this   year. The first year, cameras hopped around from nightclub to nightclub where expectant nominees were waiting for the news. How about trying that again, Academy, if this digital blitz on Tuesday doesn't work out? One of the latter figures is likely to be repeated this time. This has upset traditionalists, though one publicist fearing the worst for their movie told me this might be the perfect year to stay home. In 1955 and 1956, the Academy staged an NBC nominations special. Actually, this is an old idea. We will know on Tuesday when the Academy goes all in on the digital revolution and presents nominations in a brand-new way featuring past winners and nominees, but with no formal press conference or 430   AM breakfast at the   Academy's Beverly Hills headquarters as in years past. The second year, Fredric March hosted the noms announcement in a studio with about seven soon-to-be nominees on hand; their name was called as a nominee and then written primitively on a chalkboard. Fred MacMurray even led a group around the piano singing the nominated songs!
Gosling told me he ran into Dustin Hoffman at a recent screening and Hoffman told him he had already seen it three times. One top producer with a competing Best Picture prospect told me last week that he has seen   La La   five times already. It reminds me of   The Artist   at a similar point in its 2011 Oscar run. That's something Gosling says has surprised him as he goes around with the film. Not me. Three-quarters of the audience's hands went up. Before bringing him out, I asked the crowd — packed with actors, of course — how many were seeing the movie for at least the second time. He showed up Tuesday night for an SRO SAG screening and Q&A for the movie at ArcLight Hollywood, which I moderated. Speaking of   La La Land,   its Golden Globe-winning star Gosling has been tireless on the circuit ever since missing the fall festival launch of the movie due to filming   Blade Runner   in Hungary.
The astounding thing is   Titanic   got to 14 without even getting a Screenplay nomination or one for star Leonardo DiCaprio. A second Best Song nomination for "Audition,"   a tune I hear Academy music branch members like just as much or even more than "City 0f Stars,” would bring it to the rarefied record-tying air of   All About Eve   and   Titanic. The potential problem for this scenario is the Best Song category is impossibly crowded with high-profile contenders this year, so a double nomination there for   La La Land   is a big question mark. Expected nominations for Picture, Actor Ryan Gosling, Actress Emma Stone, Director and Writer Damien Chazelle, Original Score, Cinematography, Production Design, Costumes, Sound Editing and Mixing, Film Editing and Song for "City of Stars" bring it to 13, which would put it in the company of Best Picture winners like   Gone With the Wind, From Here to Eternity, Shakespeare in Love, Forrest Gump   and Chicago,   along with some just nominated like   Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring   and   Mary Poppins.
With ballots in to the Academy since last Friday, rumors abound that voter turnout was lower than hoped for this time around, and that's despite the Academy honchos sending constant reminders to vote. With the town either obsessed and/or depressed by today's Donald Trump inauguration, headed to Sundance and looking forward to Tuesday's early AM first-ever all digital announcement of Oscar nminations, it has been something of a slow week awards-wise, a purgatory especially for those waiting to move on to Phase 2 of the race.
In 1957 Joanne Woodward took a Best Actress Oscar doing the same thing in   Three Faces of Eve. In the latter Sally Field won an Emmy playing a woman with multiple personalities. It's an irresistible kind of role, very showy, and when an actor latches on to something like this it usually   screams   Oscar. Night Shyamalan's new thriller,   Split   as a real possibility for next year's Academy Awards. Universal just needs to figure out a way to keep it alive for a solid year and hope memories don't fade.” /> The actor is mesmerizing in this movie, a big comeback for Shyamalan, that is sort of a cross between   Room and   Sybil. It's rare to have a major Oscar contender turn up in a January release, much less a horror film (although Anthony Hopkins did it in the genre with 1991 February release   The Silence Of The Lambs) but count James McAvoy, as a man living with 24 personalities in M.
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It is interesting to note that that movie, now considered perhaps the greatest ever, received only two Oscar nominations for 1952, Supporting Actress for Jean Hagen and Scoring of a Musical Picture, losing the latter to   With A Song In My Heart. He even laughed at former   Mickey Mouse Club   co-star Justin Timberlake's dance in the stars with Fallon emulating the Gosling and Stone musical number in the Griffith Park Observatory. In a week where Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced it is closing up shop after 146 years, the musical spirit of that Oscar   loser   lives on in a film that could rewrite Oscar history for   any   musical. To prep for the movie Gosling and Chazelle reached a bit into Hollywood movie musical history and visited Patricia Kelly's Gene Kelly Archive at her home, where he even saw Kelly's personally notated script for   Singin' in the Rain. "During the   Singin' in the Rain   number he had written 'hand off umbrella to passerby' in the margins," Gosling told me. Gosling told me he was amused by the Jimmy Fallon Golden Globe opening number takeoff on the film, but knew about it beforehand since it was choreographed by Mandy Moore, who also did the movie. The Best Picture winner that year was   The Greatest Show on Earth. I talked to numerous Academy members who had turned up repeatedly to screenings of that black and white silent Best Picture winner. "For some of my films people actually try to   un-see   it the first time, " he laughed. For Gosling it is a new phenomenon.

Feds Want ‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller To Get 2.5 Years In Prison For Fraud Case

  It is not clear yet if Miller will appear as witness in her own defense next month. The judge is expected to make her decision either at or soon after that second hearing. A second hearing is scheduled for February 24 in which Miller's lawyers will make their case for probation.
Miller is represented in this matter by Robert Ridge and Brandon Verdream of Pittsburgh’s Clark Hill PC.
Ex-Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States while Abby Lee Miller began to find out if she's going to prison or not – and just how much the U.S. Attorney's office really wants her behind bars Two different unscripted TV hosts had two very different interactions today with the federal government.
They have now agreed to drop their request to enhance Miller's sentence for the use of minors in her activity of not reporting bringing more that $10,000 into the country. One piece of definitive movement today saw Miller dropped her attempts to not pay up her attempts to keep the $120,000 she was accused of illegally sneaking into America from Australia in the summer of 2014. In previous court filings, the feds have claimed that Miller used minors to get the money Stateside.
It is the purpose of the two sentencing hearings for both sides to have an opportunity to change the judge's mind if they so desire – which both seemingly do. It is a bit clearer that the sentencing that could see first time offender Miller behind bars for just six months or getting probation and paying a lot less than government prosecutors desire if the Chief Judge's tentative rulings of yesterday on the guideline range holds (read it here).
Making the final case for the government on Friday in the Pennsylvania city, Assistant U.S. With the Dance Moms host sitting nearby, the federal prosecutor dismissed attempts by Miller to blame the matter, for which she pled guilty on June 27 last year, as the fault of her sudden fame on the Lifetime series. Attorney Greg Melucci told Chief Judge Joy Flowers Conti that Miller should be sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. A deliberate Melucci said that the Dance Moms host “intended to cause harm” to her creditors by deliberately misrepresenting her income on bankruptcy filings in 2012.
Over a year after she was   indicted on 20 counts of fraud   and   more than six months after a new charge was made of violating currency reporting laws,   the   Dance Moms host Friday faced a district judge in Pittsburgh in the first part of her sentencing.
Kim Lyons contributed to this report” />

‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Producer & Author After Seeing Full Tape: Dog Was Not In Danger

First I want to thank everyone—and there have been literally thousands of you—who have written to express support. Your words and thoughts mean the world to us.
I celebrate animal rescue and am proud of the values that show up in A Dog’s Purpose.
Asked by Deadline if that is PETA's stated goal, the organization's   SVP Lisa Lange said, "Yes. With all we know about how they are kept in cages, the abuse that takes place during training and how they are treated on film sets, we believe that the animals should be CGI’d always." The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been targeting the animal supplier/handler Birds & Animals Unlimited for a long while.
We were told that when the full investigation is over by the studio and the production company, the unedited video will likely be released to the public.” />
He loves the water, wasn’t in danger, and wasn’t upset. I also didn’t like it when Hercules’s head briefly went under water, but there was a scuba diver and a trainer in the pool to protect him.
"I looked at the video of all of this," said Polone, who said he viewed the entire thing yesterday. He came up and he was fine. If your stated goal is to never use any animal on a movie set ever again, then they are trying to use the video that someone probably sold to TMZ to get a commitment for that." "(The dog) gets under the froth of the water but he is lifted up by the diver.
Bruce Cameron, who saw the full footage the day of the shoot, also said the edited video "mis-characterized" what happened on the set and went on Facebook to release the following statement: The author of the book and co-screenwriter W.
On a movie where the mantra was the safety and comfort of the dogs, mistakes were made, and everything needs to be done to make sure those errors are not repeated. But the reason American Humane certifies that no animals were harmed during the making of the film is that no animals were harmed during the making of the film.
"And I want to use this to figure out how to benefit animals. I know the movie helps to benefit animals because it shows the deep relationships that forms between people and dogs." One thing many of those involved with the film have questioned is why someone waited 15 months before releasing the video to TMZ, only two weeks before the release of the film in theaters nationwide January 27. "I care about the truth, and I care about animals," said Polone, who has long been an animal activist.
Whoever was in control of the set should have told them to stop, but the dog was not in danger and the dog was and is   OK." "I’ve done more investigating and also had more conversations with PETA.
There are so many things that you don’t see … there are raised platforms under the water. It’s a cellphone video that was cut in a certain way. You don’t see the safety people on the other side. "I'm not saying there were no mistakes made, but the whole thing is becoming untrue and unfair, and I feel like they and the person who cut the cellphone video together are using the media for their own agendas. There is a (scuba) diver under the water.
A Dog's Purpose producer Gavin Polone said he's had a change of heart after seeing the full video of a distressed German Shepherd on set. Also, producer Amblin Entertainment clarified that the incident that occurred was not the second unit as first thought, but rather "a reduced main unit" crew shooting that day. He says the dog was not in danger and believes agendas are being carried out for different purposes — that whomever cut the video and made it appear the dog was in danger and "probably sold it for money" to fulfill's PETA's stated agenda of ensuring no animal is ever used on a TV or movie set again.
If the people who shot and edited the video thought something was wrong, why did they wait fifteen months to do anything about it, instead of immediately going to the authorities?
The video that ran Wednesday on TMZ has caused a public relations nightmare for Amblin and Universal Pictures, as it has gone viral.
I found the video we’ve all seen to be shocking because when I was on set, the ethic of everyone was the safety and comfort of the dogs.
or did die." "The person who cut it probably wanted to sell it, and it doesn’t sell if it looks like the dog is OK. (The person) made it look like the dog could die …
I have since viewed footage taken of the day in question, when I wasn’t there, and it paints an entirely different picture.
When he was asked to perform the stunt from the other side of the pool, which was not how he had been doing it all day, he balked. The dog was not terrified and not thrown in the water—I’ve seen footage of Hercules earlier that day joyfully jumping in the pool. The written commentary accompanying the edited video mischaracterizes what happened. The mistake was trying to dip the dog in the water to show him it was okay—the water wasn’t his issue, it was the location that was the issue, and the dog happily did the stunt when he was allowed to return to his original spot.

‘Band Aid’ Sundance Clip: Zoe Lister-Jones & Adam Pally Turn A Couple’s Grief Into Song

Band Aid is the directorial debut of Life in Pieces star Lister-Jones, who hired an all-female production crew for the pic.
Check out the clip above and let us know what you think.” />
EXCLUSIVE: "Let's make a list of our top 10 fights of all time." So begins a clip of Band Aid, dropped ahead of its world premiere Tuesday at the Sundance Film Festival.
Band Aid premieres Tuesday, January 24, at the Eccles Theatre.
Hannah Simone, Angelique Cabral, Majandra Delfino and Brooklyn Decker also star. In a last-ditch effort to save their marriage, they decide to turn all their fights into song, and with the help of their neighbor Dave (Fred Armisen) who was once a drummer, they start a band. Advised by their therapist to try and work through their grief unconventionally, they are reminded of their shared love of music. Directed, written by and starring Zoe Lister-Jones, Band Aid is the story of a couple, Anna (Lister-Jones) and Ben (Adam Pally), who can't stop fighting.

Ted Sarandos On Netflix In The Age Of Donald Trump & What’s Next – Sundance Studio

Find out more about Applegate and their mission to change the meat we eat at www.applegate.com.” /> Actors, directors, filmmakers and special guests visiting the Deadline Studio at Sundance 2017 enjoyed sweet and savory treats, custom cocktails and more at Applegate’s REEL FOOD CAFE.
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Our interview came just minutes after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th POTUS and had delivered a rather pugnacious inaugural address. A frequent high-profile presence in Park City, Sarandos is in town for tonight's premiere of The Discovery,   starring Jason Segel, Rooney Mara and Sundance founder Robert Redford, and several other projects the streaming service is screening at the fest. It also comes one day before the Women's March on Main is set to take place led by Netflix host Chelsea Handler.
"To talk truth to power, and what I can do is give them a platform to do that,"the exec said about   what he believes is the role of an artist. "The role of the filmmaker, particularly in the documentary space, has never been more important," Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said today as he kicked off the Deadline Studio at Sundance 2017 presented by Applegate.
Sundance runs through January 29.