3 Romances To Remind You That Love Is All Around — All Year Long

or what to read for a delicious night in. Mareike Standow/EyeEm/Getty Images

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time of year to revel in the outward displays of love — be it flowers, chocolates, or wine. It’s also the time of year when romance novelists are suddenly in hot demand for our expertise on dramatic displays of affection, the perfect romantic evening out … Yes, it is Valentine’s Day — but we like romance novels all year ’round. These three romance novels have all that and more — the passion and complications, tender gestures and romantic declarations, and beautiful happy-ever-afters. In these novels, love is always front and center, and the central relationship is often as complicated as it is passionate. The swoon-worthy declarations of love that regularly occur approximately three quarters of the way through the story derive their power not from over the top displays, but heartfelt and honest words. Authors and readers of the genre know that romance is more than a once-a-year affair. The guaranteed happy ending reminds us that love is more than just a day, and more than just a display, and it’s always worth fighting for. On their own, each one would make for a romantic night in — but they’d pair well with flowers, chocolate and wine, too.