Westworld Season 2: Intricate Fan Theories To Provoke the Thoughts

Case in point, Stubbs existence hangs in the balance too. Considering everything, we are in for one ‘helluva’ ride! Read More:   Game of Thrones’ Jacob Anderson: The Silly Debate On Grey Worm Actor’s Privates Both Elsie and Stubbs might meet sometime in the future in underwhelming circumstances, may be. Nolan, on the other hand, is contemplating a good five season or so.

Perhaps, the original movie was put to shame with an attempt as audacious as the series. PHOTOGRAPH:



Screen cap from Official Facebook account of Westworld. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy laid the foundations to this series after an eclectic inspiration. Chaotic, labyrinthine and plain ruthless! Westworld season 2 will be nothing shy of its predecessor. No show in the recent memory was as intricate as HBO’s western/thriller.
Also, he can now operate furtively and nurture his fixations of consciousness. Another persistent question is on the existence of Elsie, of course. The ever-swearing enigmatic Elsie vanished into thin air without a clue. 📺 pic.twitter.com/hxd1UFAktg
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Westworld Season 2: Expectations
Don’t let that morose deceive you – there might be many Fords out there. For what it’s worth, Ford is tad too intelligent to go down so easily. Analysis: There's so much more to see the second time around. @WestworldHBO is #streamingNOW.
Likewise, Dolores came to be Wyatt. Another thing from the grapevine speaks of DELOS taking the world inch by inch. Chances are that Ford might still be lurking around in his arcane laboratory, but how? Remember the drastic turn of events in the Bernard situation! Not to mention, most theories came to be true. This theory spawns out of the original movies where a ‘Futureworld’ comes into the equation. Westworld Season 2: Theories
Bustle lists out a few theories that the fans were left with in the wake of the season finale. ‘Bernard equals to Arnold’ theory turned out to be true, for starters. After a mind-bending debut season, Westworld season 2 is gearing up. First and foremost, the question of who is human and who is host comes up. If everyone except Arnold turn out to be the hosts sometime down the road, don’t be surprised. A world where their leaders are replaced by identical hosts-like beings. Before that, let’s take a walk in the Westworld park and reminisce all that went down. Maze, on the other hand, was nothing but a sham. The way things stand, there’s a thin line between the both. Besides, there are fan theories still lingering around.