Trevor Noah Sings To President Donald Trump On His First Day In Office

"Did anyone have 'carnage,' 'blood,' and 'decay' on their Inauguration Speech Bingo card?" Trevor Noah asked at the top of The Daily Show hours after Donald Trump delivered his dystopic inaugural address which, the late night host noted, former First Lady Michelle Obama seemed to be having none of.
Let's see him build that f*cking wall
You've got Paul Ryan as your bitch
no more excuses.
No more excuses,
No more excuses,
and in the Senate you've got Mitch.
like Ted Cruz is.
There's no more blaming,
Let's see you do what you've been preaching all along.
It's time to take your red cap off
Now that the Kenyan Muslim's gone
Though Trump is frightening to us all
now that I say it that sounds scary.
But it means that now we'll see
you'll look like douches,
You've got the left in full retreat
no liberal shaming.
 ” />
and then I promise you'll be hated
so we're all waiting.
and make this country great again!
just what the truth is.
and really do shit.
And you can sign in any law
it's time for you to carry on,
You're the boss of military;
Cause if you fail now
and a SCOTUS empty seat.
if the bricks fit in his tiny little hands.
Then, about 6:50 into his show, in a bit of a surprise, Noah broke into song:
no more exuses.