The Heavy Metal Church in Brazil Knows How to Pray!

Despite being overshadowed by traditional metal acts who are indifferent towards faith, the Christian bands stand strong today. Long live metal! Bands like Stryper, Underoath and As I Lay Dying are advocating the message of god through metal music since long. Perhaps, it’s the efforts of people like Batista that faith gets a multi-faceted acknowledgment. Read More:   My Life in 15 Songs: Of ‘Thrash-Metal’ and ‘Deth’!




Screen cap from Crash church’s official twitter account. Crash Church, a congregation in Brazil, is alluring as it is outlandish. It involves heavy metal and evangelism on a single platform!
The conventional Church sees this as ‘anti-Christian’ and the metal fraternity calls them ‘too modest’. Crash Church: a igreja que passa a palavra de Deus ao som de Heavy Metal
— Crash Church – SP (@CrashChurch) January 13, 2017

Heavy Metal: Reach and Reception
The practice as aberrant and eccentric as this didn’t go well with all the factions of the society, of course. Somewhere between the pariah status and the metal-stigma, Crash Church came into prominence.
The partisans are all in the metal outfit and come from all walks of life. Don’t mistake this to an empty rhetoric, mind you, the sermons are nothing shy of the conventional Church. Even longer than most evangelical bands last, one could argue. Nonetheless, they don’t sell as much! As Tuko reports, the Church religiously employs metal music in its sermons. Christian rock and Christian metal bands are in the scene dating back to the 80’s. Also, Batista is no ordinary padre, he’s in a metal head outfit. Another catch here is that the congregation isn’t in a typical Church too. Additionally, Batista maintains a cordial relationship with the Church goers and his anomalous practice has stood a test of time. We’re talking long hair, black clothes and beard here, of course. The predominant acts in this genre   aren’t good Christians, needless to say. To put it in colloquial terms, heavy metal and Christianity isn’t a safe association. For what it’s worth, the Church in Brazil deserves a recognition. Batista reads the prayers from the Bible and the partisans have a TV screen arrangement to follow through. Not quite. Heavy Metal Church: Brazil
Coming into force in 1998, the Crash Church is the brainchild of Pastor Antônio Carlos Batista. Much similar to the underground metal gigs, the gathering is in a garage.