‘Split’ Scares In Solid $2M; ‘Xander Cage’ Takes $1.2M In Previews – Friday AM Box Office

Paramount Pictures/Revolution Studios' xXx: Return of Xander Cage just logged in with $1.2M in 2,536 locales. Night Shyamalan's Split is off to an incredibly strong start, grabbing $2M in Thursday night previews in 2,295 theaters. M. One of xXx's comps is the 2012 film Looper which grossed $6.8M on Friday from 2,992 locations and ended its three-day with $20.8M and we are expecting the same type of three-day gross for Xander Cage. This brings the actor back to the franchise after 14 years. It's been a long time coming for fans of the xXx franchise — the last film in bowed in 2005 and did not star Diesel.
While this genre is usually front-loaded, this one is getting better word of mouth, than The Bye Bye Man which had a C CinemaScore last weekend. It should also grab away much of the STX horror film's audience as 61% of Bye Bye Man's audience was female with 75% under 25. Like the box office hit Nerve, Split is skewing heavily female and some think Split — with a great performance from James McAvoy who plays a man with 24 different personalities — will have just as strong legs.
Diesel's films outside of the Fast and Furious franchise tend to drop more in their second weekends. The third in the xXx franchise will be taking over Imax screens this weekend but its main demo will be sitting in front of the TV on Sunday watching NFL’s Championship Sunday games, waiting to see which teams make it into the Super Bowl (go Packers!).
xXx: Return of Xander Cage, with its decided international cast, bows in 53 territories around the world this weekend. "Paramount has hit the mark and exceed it in all major metrics," says Marc Karzen of RelishMix who notes that the film is garnering 25K new Facebook fans … The movie marks the return of Vin Diesel who is a social media monster. This action-adventure’s SMU is more on par with the average Superhero film, which hovers around 587M SMU rather than the typical action-adventure of last year, which had a typical SMU of 68M. a day. Of course, leading its very social international cast is Diesel who has 131M fans/followers on FB & Instagram. According to RelishMix, xXx has a smu of 688.7M — a huge presence with 271.1M Facebook fans, 71M Twitter followers, 184M YouTube views – and more every day – and 163M Instagram followers.
The Universal/Blumhouse Split (with a budget of around $10M) is expected to have a mid-$20M three-day as the buzz surrounded the film has been growing among its core audience of young females and unaided awareness is very strong. That one grossed a smidgen over $1M in late nights last year (it also started at 7 PM and in 2,206 locales) and ended up grossing $25.4M for its three-day. The best comp for Split is the director's last outing: The Visit, also rated PG-13.
This latest Shyamalan thriller is made up of 29.4M Facebook fans, 4M Twitter followers, over 30.5M YouTube views and 903K Instagram followers. The film has 7,700 daily Facebook likes, which is indeed strong compared to last year’s average for thrillers of 2,200. In terms of social media, McAvoy is non-social, but the film itself has a good social media universe of 64.8M, according to RelishMix.
In comparison, at its opening during the middle of the summer last year, Nerve's SMU was 52.4M comprised of 5.4M FB fans, 5.8M Twitter followers and 41.1M YouTube views.
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