Petition: Boycott ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Unless ‘Significant Portion’ Of Proceeds Goes To Animal Welfare

The petition states:
Cut it!" It is not known how many takes the dog was put through prior to him slipping under the raging water. Later the dog is shows struggling to stay afloat as a handler tries to coax him to her and the dog goes under water as those around him panic to get to him and someone from the second unit is heard screaming, "Cut it! Cut it! After forced into the water, he is pulled up by his neck. The actions in the video, which have been condemned by the film's producer Gavin Polone, voiceover actor Josh Gad the film's director Lasse Hallstrom and even the voiceover artist for the Spanish-language trailer — Jane the Virgin's Anthony Mendez — shows an animal handler forcing a German Shepherd into rushing water after the dog tries to resist over and over again.
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The second unit shoot, where this particular scene with the dog took place, was done in Winnipeg last fall. American Humane safety rep has been put on leave pending an investigation and the Canadian Chief Veterinary Office is also looking into it. 27th. The video from the shoot only came out this week — only about two weeks before the launch of the film on Jan.
The director of the film tweeted that he is “disturbed by the video released today from the set of my film…"
The company that provided and handled the dog for the film was Birds & Animals Unlimited in Action, CA, an outfit that has been targeted for some time for the mistreatment of animals by PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
Please sign this petition to pledge to boycott "A Dog's Purpose" unless the creators make a significant donation   to animal welfare organizations!
In response to a video of "a dog being mishandled" on the set of A Dog’s Purpose, a Care2 petition is calling for a boycott of the film unless the movie’s creators donate a significant portion of the film’s proceeds to an animal welfare organization. The petition added 1,200 signatures over the past 20 minutes and is now over 13,000 signees. It doesn't name a particular organization as it seems any would do.
Donating to an animal welfare cause is the least he can do to make up for this act. If the director is so disturbed, he ought to do something about it.