Joy Reid To Trevor Noah: Media Must Study Vladimir Putin’s Authoritarian Regime To Cover President Trump

Donald Trump has cast himself as the only person who can rescue us "from this hellscape created by you and me," MSNBC's Joy Reid told The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, describing Trump's inaugural address hours earlier.
And he's threatening the press; he says he's going to remove the press from the White House." "He has caused stocks to drop of companies that he's threatening on his Twitter feed. Other times, Trump has effected change "in a negative way" via Twitter, she noted.
"Journalists are accustomed to, when the president says something…you just report it. "Because it might be true – and more times than not it isn't true, it's a flat-out lie that he's making up." But now, something Donald Trump tweets is not a headline you can just translate right into your magazine, or your newspaper or on television," she continued.
Trump's post-truth world, she said, has to change the way the press does its job, Reid said.
"We have to look at the way Vladimir Putin operates. We can't just report what he says and live on his Twitter feed." The media has "to study authoritarian regimes, unfortunately," Reid argued. And we have to to think about how do we, a free press, operate with an increasingly authoritarian regime and change everything we're doing.
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