Goblin TV Series: What Fans Can Expect In The Last Episode

21. Once the sword is removed, Shin will turn to ashes and finally rest in peace. Goblin   follows the story of Kim Shin, portrayed by actor Gong Yoo; it is an immortal being who protects souls. The episode ended with an emotional cliffhanger, and fans are wondering whether the   Goblin   TV series will end without the titular character. The series first aired on Dec. The Grim Reaper finally regained his memories and he found himself responsible for Shin’s suffering. One day, Kim Shin meets a Ji Eun Tak, a young girl who has the ability to see ghosts. Episode 13 was an emotional roller coaster for the viewers. 2, 2016. It was then revealed that Eun Tak is destined to be Shin’s bride and is the only one who can remove the sword embedded on his chest. 20. He lives with an amnesiac Grim Reaper. Its last two episodes will air consecutively   on Jan. How the   Goblin   TV Series Will End
#tvN will air #GOBLIN special episode on Jan 14th, the 14th ep pushed back to Jan 20th https://t.co/dpgeH0BXmC #KoreanUpdates VF pic.twitter.com/H0cv0VvYeQ
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Fans are looking forward to the 14th episode of   Goblin, which will air on Jan.
According to Da Yeong, the actors were only given the scripts that contained their lines. In a preview of episode 14, it was shown that Eun Tak’s memories were erased. This means that even the actors are in the dark about the show’s final episode. In addition to that, viewers also wonder if the Grim Reaper and his love interest will have a happy ending. This added to the fans’ curiosity whether Kim Shin will reunite with his bride. With that amount of secrecy, Korean fans and international viewers alike can only wait for the last three episodes of   Goblin   TV series to find out what will happen next to the characters. In an interview with a Korean media outlet, Yoon Da Yeong admitted that the staff exercise a high level of confidentiality regarding   Goblin’s   ending. Goblin’s Ending: “It’s A Secret”
Koreaboo reported that an insider revealed that no one but the drama’s writer know how the series will end.
Ji Eun Tak seems like forgotten parts of her memory and she's… https://t.co/Ri3trRIv7P
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[#GOBLIN] The preview for Episode 14 is out!
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The Goblin TV series from tvN is one of the most popular Korean dramas as of the moment. Because of its high ratings,   Goblin   became one of South Korea’s most renowned dramas. The fantasy-romance show has captured the hearts of many fans because of its intriguing plot.